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Media Release 2017 - Trentham Spudfest to fund farming scholarship

The success of last weekend’s 10th annual Trentham Spudfest will allow the event to fund a La Trobe University Bendigo agri-business scholarship for a local rural community student.

Spudfest convenor Helen Macdonald and treasurer John Dorsett hope the scholarship, to be awarded to a second-year student, will be in place for the 2018 academic year.

Mrs Macdonald said Spudfest celebrated and promoted Trentham potato farming, which dates back to the 1860s and the gold rush era.

“The success of the event in promoting authentic Trentham, its history and culture is heavily dependent on support of the local community volunteering to organise and run it and turning up to support its vendors, town businesses and associated events such as the Spudfest dinner,” she said.

“It takes more than 100 local volunteers to make Spudfest work so that means we have had, in a sense, the equivalent of 1000 volunteers over the ten years of the event – a tremendous tribute to the spirit of this town”.

“The scholarship, an idea first suggested by previous Spudfest organisers, allows Spudfest to say thank you by reinvesting in the local district’s farming community’s future”.

Selection criteria and the value of the scholarship are being finalised with the University and if successful, Spudfest hopes to offer future scholarships for third-year students as well.

Mrs Macdonald also declared this year’s first whole-of-village Spudfest a success for visitors and for the town.

Previous Spudfests have been mainly single location affairs, most recently in the town’s Quarry Street Reserve Park, but the event this year included Spuddy activities all around town, including in the two main retail streets, in the village square, at Trentham’s Historic Railway Station, and saw a return of spud hut tours around local farms.

“Visitors loved a chance to see the whole town while they were here, particularly those who used the horse and cart link between Spudfest precincts, and vendors and town traders reported that they did great business,” Mrs Macdonald said.

“Community groups doing fund raisers at Spudfest were happy and potato farmers selling flavour-packed, fresh-from-the-soil, locally-farmed spuds were flat out all day”.

“We had a lot of out-of-town visitors as well and we know from previous, formal Spudfest visitor survey results that tourists attracted by Spudfest like what they see when they get here and are highly likely to make return visits at other times of the year”.

Information distributed by: Peter “Chip” Young, Spudfest Media Liaison, Telephone 0425 764 693

Further comment available from: Helen Macdonald, Telephone 0419 930 864

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Media Release

Media Release

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